I received both sets of gins as a generous gift!

I am a very lucky lady indeed as I was fortunate enough to be gifted a bottle of each of the Lucullan Spirit’s Lemon Basil Artisan Gin and the Three Basil Artisan Gin. What a beautifully smooth, refined, and flavoursome pair of Gin’s they are. They are most certainly a leap up from the usual bottles I buy in supermarkets. I will treat myself to them again without hesitation but will of course cross my fingers for more generous guests in the future! Bonus for me is that they look so good in my refurbished cupboard too!

Sophie Ellis-Colman
Thank you once again for the dried herbs! We love them.

Genovese Basil: So fragrant, and it smells like it tastes! Such a lovely flavour and it’s like using it fresh. Used this in a beef casserole with chopped tomatoes and it added so much flavour to it! Lemon Basil: We found that you need to add a bit more of it to get the flavour through, but again, wonderful fresh lemony flavour. We find this really refreshing - great in pasta dishes. Mexican Tarragon: Looking forward to experimenting more with this one, currently tried on potato wedges and in ratatouille and it gives a gentle aniseed type flavour which is lovely. Looking forward to trying on chicken! The Dill ladies have yet to experiment with that one… I think we all got carried away with the basils! But we all agreed, you cannot get dried herbs like these off the shelf - can’t believe that dried herbs can taste so fresh.

Paige Davies, Operations Manager, NFU Mutual
I was delighted to receive some gorgeous soaps and herbs.

I would highly recommend The Lucullan Collection. The herbs are top quality and freeze dried at peak freshness. I have used them in marinades, dressings and for roasting meat, all very successfully. You use less than you would if you used fresh herbs, so they are economical too and the tins are too pretty to store in a cupboard. The soaps smell heavenly and leave your hands clean, soft. They lather up beautifully and are non-drying, even on sensitive hands. You only need a small amount so a bar will last a long time. I am looking forward to trying more of this range-they are all stylishly presented and would make fabulous gifts. This collection is eco-luxe at its best.

Lisa Marchington
I was recently offered a gin made from basil!

I was recently offered a gin made from basil and, as I enjoy the occasional G&T; I was pleasantly surprised by this new taste. The traditional (old fashioned) gins emphasize Juniper, whereas Basil changes entirely one's taste buds! The Basil aroma can instantly be recognized on the nose, immediately upon opening the (very attractive!) bottle. The herbal flavour experience is more noticeable when blended with a mild tonic, rather than a strong quinine brand. The change was so enjoyable, I have decided my next “B&T” will definitely be accompanied by a tomato-mozzarella salad!

Santé, Sandor Szabados, Managing Director, BTL - Marketing Support Services
I have The Lucullan Scent reed diffuser in my bathroom and it is delightful.

The combination of lemon basil, lemongrass and tea tree is perfect for a refreshing, long lasting and healthy scent. All the friends I have given the Lucullan Scent shampoo and body bar to are really pleased. The product has a beautiful perfume of lemon basil, lemongrass and tea tree and a soothing texture. The easily recycled cardboard package is so eco-friendly. The Lucullan Three Basil Gin is delicious and stands up excellently against the plethora of flavoured gins on the market. When you take out the cork, the aroma is herby and inviting and we can recommend this gin very highly.

Susan Coleman